Introducing Myself


My name is Paige. Welcome to my blog! I started this blog for a few reasons:
  1. I happen to feel a need to write something about once a week but I never have anyone to write to. 
  2. I suggested to my best friend that she start a blog for my entertainment because she lives far from me and I want to be updated about her life more regularly than the semi-annual phone call we have every six months or so! (Sorry did I say my name was "Paige"? I meant to say "Selfish".) 
  3. Said friend then suggested we blog back and forth like a conversation so we don't feel dumb just talking to no one.
  4. Why not?
That's all the reason I really need to be persuaded to do something; an unfulfilled need/wish, an encouraging friend, and a short/non-existent 'cons' list.

So who am I?

I am a 23 year old woman (girl? person? lady?) who enjoys typing, good music, and long walks on the beach. I also like to use a lot of commas and parentheses that I'm pretty sure my high school English teacher would disapprove of. I live in Mississippi and I have a cat and a boyfriend! (That boyfriend might get a little jealous that I mentioned the cat first but, it just flows better dear, don't take it to heart.) I've been playing guitar for about 7 years and sometimes I make song covers and post them to YouTube. I like to cook and bake and sometimes I make art, like drawing or painting! I wish I had more to tell but beyond that I'm pretty much a blank slate! No, don't click away! Come back! You might find that you enjoy my ramblings! 

What kinds of things will I write about?

There is a multitude of subjects that I could cover! I guess it just depends on what I'm feeling on the day I decide to blog, because I don't plan to stick to one specific genre. After all, this will be sort of a diary/letter to a friend type of blog. 

Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to:
  • Dreams
  • Music
  • My boyfriend/
  • Things happening in my life
  • Cats
  • Friends/Family
  • Health
  • Food
  • Things I like
  • And more!

P.S. Jessica,
Tag! You're It.

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