Diary Entry #2

The following is something I wrote down in an actual notebook with a pencil. That's only important to know because this is typed on a blog on the internet, but I keep mentioning pencils and handwriting. 

"I want to write a novel." I say, staring at a blank sheet of paper as no words come to mind. I think that maybe, if I just begin to write down any sentences that come to mind, the ideas will start flowing. Maybe everything I've been taught about writing is wrong. Planning my writing seems to get me nowhere. The only times that I have ever written anything lengthy were by feeling the need to write and beginning to do so. My hand is beginning to hurt and i can feel the pencil strokes up my whole arm. It's been a while since I've written anything with pencil and paper. Usually at this point in a paragraph, my writing begins to get more sloppy. So far it appears to be pretty neat. I remember having to write so often in school that the three fingers I use to hold …

Diary Entry #1

Monday, October 2, 2017

     Another day, another tragedy. At 5am I logged onto Twitter to the news about Vegas. These days, it seems like something horrible happens every day. Honestly, it probably does. The world is big and full of people and something is always happening to someone. There are bad things happening everywhere all the time, but I don't think that's anything new. I think the internet has made the world more accessible. Something happens across the world and within the hour, Twitter has a trending hashtag about it. With the ability to be alerted to tragedy as soon as it strikes, things seem to pile up on top of each other and become overwhelming. How are you supposed to recover from 'y' when 'x' just happened a week ago? There's a finite amount of time to distance yourself from one horrible thing before the next one happens.

     It used to be that you could only get such information from the nightly news or the next days paper and only then …

Total Eclipse of the Sun (and the Heart)

Today, 8/21/2017, is the solar eclipse (Drink every time I say “eclipse”. Including that one.). The last time there was a solar eclipse visible across America was 38 years ago!

Sadly, I am not in the path of totality, but at least I will still be able to experience the partial eclipse. I've been excited about this eclipse for weeks. My only regret is not finding any eclipse glasses to properly witness the event.If you didn’t know, it's very dangerous to look at the eclipse without specially designed eclipse glasses (except during total coverage). It's dangerous to ever look at the sun for extended periods of time anyway, but during the eclipse, the light is so magnified that you can become permanently blinded by it. (I wonder how many news reports there will be about people who didn’t heed the warnings and ended up blind. Hmm…) I don’t really need to look at it though. As I mentioned, I'm not in the path of totality, so I wouldn’t get the full experience anyway. I can …

A Ramble About Birthdays

I cant remember the names of songs or who sang them. If you asked me if I'd ever listened to a song, I'm 90% sure I'd reply, “I don’t know.” I'm also bad at remembering important dates. There's certain peoples birthdays I've made sure to burn into my memory. I remember my friend from elementary school’s birthday is April seventh even though I haven’t spoken to her in at least ten years. I remember it partly because my sister's birthday is April 17th. I think I used to use my sisters birthday to remember my friends birthday. I remember Dad's birthday in October because October is Halloween month. I remember Drew’s birthday, Jessica's birthday, Jessica's son's birthday, and a few other friends birthdays.

I made myself forget Mom's birthday. I used to know it. My sister would remind me every year to make sure I hadn’t forgotten so I could make her a birthday card. I made myself forget it because of my falling out with Mom. I didn’t want …

"Where Have You Been?"

I wish I could say I've been off doing something exciting and adventurous or that I've been so busy I haven’t had time to blog. But the truth is I've been right here in this same spot. Occasionally I open a word document and type up a few paragraphs. Then I highlight all the text and delete it because it doesn’t feel worthy of posting.

It gets to a certain point when I'm writing that I just feel like I'm complaining. And I don’t like being the kind of person that complains all the time. I try to avoid it. I also don’t want to be boring. Like I said, I'm not really doing anything adventurous, so the most exciting thing I have to write about is what I make for dinner or that I bought myself a new water bottle (so important, I know), and you cant really get a whole post out of those. 
I do have one post in mind that I just haven't gotten around to writing. I want to do a very bloggy blog post with pictures and all the bells and whistles. Wouldn't that …

A Weekend Update

Dear Jessica,

Friday (7/28) Drew’s mom was supposed to come to our house. Drew told me Thursday that she was wanting to come and possibly stay. We only have one bed in our house so she would’ve had to sleep on the couch. Our living room furniture is her old furniture so I'm sure she has slept on the couch we have at some point. Personally I don’t think it’s very comfortable to sleep on. It's fine to sit on, but it's too small to stretch out and have a proper sleep. You’re pretty much forced to stay in a curled up position the entire time you’re asleep. That might be fine for someone who doesn’t toss and turn at night like I do, but I imagine most people do. Its also sort of lumpy. We plan on buying an air mattress in the near future for guests to sleep on. I thought they would cost more but I looked online and found good quality queen size ones for $30-$60.
I woke up Friday morning knowing I needed to clean my house to make it ready for a visitor. I put it off for a few …

Disability Disappointment

Okay bleh this is going to be a venting post because I'm feeling almost sick to my stomach and I think it might help to put it down on paper. Or the electronic version of that. Drew got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago saying he was approved to receive disability benefits. Fantastic. Wonderful. We have been waiting for like 3 whole years for this to happen. The letter said he would start receiving checks in the mail starting within the next month. It didn’t say how much he was awarded for back pay or even how much the monthly amount would be. Whatever.

A few days or a week or whatever later, he got a check and it was a substantial amount and it was actually more than he was expecting, but it didn’t say whether it was a payment from the back pay or if it was the monthly allowance check. There was no letter or any information about it really other than what was on the check itself.
I checked the mail today and he had two separate letters from social security or whatever it i…